Mesh Fence

Mesh has been designed as a high security fencing mesh used to protect commercial, industrial, and government institutions. It is virtually impossible to climb or cut with standard tools. The diamond pattern combined with vertical opposing barbs acts as an entrapment, yet still maintains a neat appearance.

Mesh is installed throughout the world at airports, military bases, water reservoirs, warehouses, electrical sub-stations, border fences, oil depots and factories.


Welded Mesh Fence

Welded prefabricated joined grid consisting of a series of parallel longitudinal wire with accurate spacing welded to cross wires at the required spacing. It is widely used in agricultural, industrial, transportation and food procuring sectors. it is also used in mines, gardening, machine protection, avaries and other decorations.
Wire Fence line

Wall Toppings

We supply various types of Wall and Fence toppings, wall spikes are a neat security alternative. We install the following types of wall toppings. 

Wire Fence line

Swing Gates / Pedestrian Gates

Wire Fence line

Diamond Mesh Fence

Strips of profiled ribbon mesh/spikes are electrically welded to high galvanised separators to form a neat yet very effective anti-intrusion barrier.

Easy to install, the barrier is harmless to innocent person (there is no overhang into neighbouring property). The vertically mounted spikes are reinforced to penetrate protective fabrics utilised by intruders.

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